It's WEB-TEMBER at Sector 36.

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All-In-One Solution

Our platforms are designed with expansion in mind so you can upgrade or downgrade whenever you need.

Visual Superiority

Many companies throughout South Africa can design a website, but very few developers actually builds with strategy and flexibility in mind.

Faster Engagement

All our platforms are built around the engagement tools we implement in them to ensure visitors can easily communicate with you.

Sell your product

and your service easily


We specialize in E-Commerce Platform Development

Most of our projects are online stores or content sites that are slowly turning into online stores. With the 2020 pandemic more and more people are moving into the online retail world and you should consider also making the move.


We also excel in Content Platform Development

Many of our partners also choose our content platform development services that focus more on communication and service showcasing.

Design isn't always everything.

Good web platforms consist of marketing eligibility and engagement tools.

Making it easy for a visitor to navigate and find what they need on a website is what makes it easier for them to choose you as their next investment.

Explore our other specializations

Learning Platforms

We supply our clients with premium tools and platform development so they can create educational content and serve it online.

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Community Websites

Forums are great platforms for communities to connect and share ideas. We offer secure forum platform development services.

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Article Platforms

Sharing ideas, recipes, or stories is one of the biggest trends of our generation. Let's get you writing your next blog.

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Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels are specialized one page platforms made to convert leads into sales. Connect with us for more info.

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The bottom Line

Almost anyone today can build a website its 2020 and there are a plethora of tools available for free on the web that allows you to take your creativity to the next level. But that doesn’t mean everyone should do so. With 10 + years of collective design experience at Sector 36 we have mastered the online platform development secrets and we want to help set sail on your next online journey.

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We like to meet in person to discuss projects, but due to national restrictions and the 2020 pandemic we would rather you stay safe and meet with us online. We use Zoom, Skype & Discord to conduct our online meetings.

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