Due to Covid-19 restrictions the Team at Sector 36 will only conduct meetings online to ensure your safety as well as ours.

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Web Development

Use your online space to make sales or educate your clientele.

engage audiences with increased Online Presence

Learn About Our Web development process

We do things differently

There are 1000’s of South African Web Development companies available to build your website and we have to say some of them are awesome so we decided the best way to compete is to just do things differently.

We build websites sure. But we also build fully integrated platforms that use dynamic tools most people don’t even know about to enhance the users experience. Because that is what matters.

We do things other cant

We have access to really cool development tools and in some cases even use AI and Machine Learning to produce awesome tools our clients can use to maximize potential.

Company Strengths at a glance

Our Strong Points

We specialize in web development among other things. And we really enjoy creating new and creative platforms as it’s a visual representation of our journey so far.

Content Websites




Lead Generation Funnels


Web development

We have affiliated with many awesome companies to be able to do what we do.

Companies we use to create

Our web Dev habbits

Our tools

What we use to build platforms

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Sitting at home all day building websites is what we do for a living, but being forced to sit at home and build websites all day is kind of annoying and it really eats at one's creativity.

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