Due to Covid-19 restrictions the Team at Sector 36 will only conduct meetings online to ensure your safety as well as ours.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, once payment clears we can immediately get started on your upgrade.

We just need to be sure all the required content is provided from your side to ensure we make all the necessary changes before pushing your platform live.

Of course. We encourage our clients to maximize their business potential by stepping into higher tiers of our products. (Note when upgrading we will only charge the extra in difference depending on the tier you wish to upgrade to. For more information contact us at: support

Although it isn’t recommended it is possible. We offer educational material with all our projects to teach owners how to make changes without hurting the platform’s front or back end.

We believe that no site is ever 100% complete and that there will always be something that can be improved on and added to every platform. In short “yes, yes we do offer our services after completing¬† a project to continue development on an hourly rate”.

We will gladly help you transfer over the website as well as any mails or extra content that is needed to the new host of your choice.

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The Team at Sector 36 is revisiting all the core principals of online solutions and we’re rearranging it the way we want it to be to better suit the needs of our clients and our goals. We want to invite you to join us in starting a project with us today!

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Sitting at home all day building websites is what we do for a living, but being forced to sit at home and build websites all day is kind of annoying and it really eats at one's creativity.

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