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Enjoy comfortable and extended gameplay sessions with premium audio quality with the Sparkfox Core Gamer Pack PlayStation 4, with the Sparkfox Core Gamer Pack.
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The Sparkfox Core Gamer Pack has been created for gamers who want all of the must-have accessories for their Xbox One console in one pack. Get your game on by simply charging the battery, clipping it onto your controller, connecting the headset and fitting the grips onto your controller’s thumb sticks.


  • Core essentials pack for console gaming
  • Stereo over-ear headset with 40mm drivers
  • Direct input to controller 3.5mm audio connectivity
  • Enhanced thumb stick accuracy
  • Larger battery capacity to extend game-time


What’s in The Box:

  • Sparkfox SF1 Wired Over-Ear Headset – Xbox One
  • Sparkfox Deluxe Controller Thumb Grip Pack – Xbox One
  • Sparkfox 1000mAh Controller Battery Pack – Xbox One

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