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Get the smart home of tomorrow, today with LifeSmart’s Smart Home Security Solution Starter Kit. This starter kit is an all-in-one bundle that allows for your home security to be controlled from a central LifeSmart app on your smartphone.


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One of the most daunting things about home automation is knowing which products to buy, how they work together, how to install them, or which app controls which smart device! The entire process can be overwhelming.

Enter the LifeSmart Smart Home Starter Kit, designed to simplify home automation around a single solution, in order to better meet your daily needs.

This LifeSmart Smart Home Starter Kit focuses on security, enabling you to better protect your home! The products included in this Starter Kit allow you to see exactly what is happening at home or in the workplace anytime, anywhere. Combine the LifeSmart Door/Window Contact Impact Sensor, LifeSmart Wireless 1080P Camera and Cube Motion/Illumination Sensor, for instance, to monitor an elderly family member, child or your pet to make sure they are safe. These devices also make it possible for you to be instantly notified whenever someone accesses the place which matters the most to you.

The extensive LifeSmart product range is made up of modular components which, when combined, forms a single integrated ecosystem. This also makes controlling your Smart Home effortless, thanks to the innovative all in one LifeSmart app. Control your Smart Home with a single tap from anywhere in the world!

Our Starter Kits make it easier than ever before to turn your home into a Smart Home of the future, today. Thanks to the modular design of LifeSmart products you can easily expand on your system with even more LifeSmart products.

The Smart Home Starter Kit: Security Solution contains the following LifeSmart products:

  • 1x LS082WH LifeSmart Smart Station (required for all other products)
  • 1x LS078 LifeSmart Wireless 1080P Camera
  • 2x LS058WH LifeSmart Cube Door/Window Contact Impact Sensor
  • 2x LS085WH Cube Motion/Illumination Sensor (Large)


  • All-in-one smart home security solutions starter kit
  • Does not interfere with existing security systems
  • Seamless integration with other LifeSmart devices
  • Control all of your smart home devices from the LifeSmart App
  • Instant remote notifications directly to your smartphone

What’s  In The Box:

  • LS082WH LifeSmart Smart Station x1
  • LS078 LifeSmart Wireless 1080P Camera x1
  • LS058WH LifeSmart Cube Door/Window Contact Impact Sensor x2
  • LS085WH Cube Motion/Illumination Sensor (Large) x2
  • LifeSmart Smart Home Starter Kit: Security Solution User Manual x1

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